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Internet Marketing and Publicity Speaker Dan Janal

The Los Angles Times called Dan Janal an “online marketing expert”.

USA TODAY called Dan Janal a “true Internet pioneer”.

Watch these video segments of Dan Janal, and see for yourself why Dan is an in-demand internet marketing and publicity keynote speaker, transforming audiences of 50 to 5,000+ all over the world from small businesses into big names.

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For Seminar Meeting Planners

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Business Consulting and Marketing Consulting

Dan Janal helps make your ideas better. If you don’t have a clear idea, he helps you get focused so you can find that diamond in the rough.

He helps clients:

  • Create story ideas and angles that the media will eat up

  • Break through the noise at trade shows so you get the attention you deserve

  • Rise higher in the search engine rankings so you get more visitors and make more sales

  • Get speaking engagements and craft speeches

  • Outline books and help prepare your proposal

  • PLUS many other questions about marketing, internet marketing and publicity

  • And much, much more – speak with Dan today!

Some of Dan’s featured clients include:

Why You Should Hire Dan Janal Today

Dan Janal has written 8 landmark books, including 6 for John Wiley & Sons, that have been translated into 6 languages.

He is an inspiring business keynote speaker who helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating a successful business, leading a balanced life, and achieving financial freedom.

You will also find him frequently on webinars, podcasts, and radio shows.

Dan is probably the only person who created 8 different businesses that make $100,000 a year by using 8 different business models. He has spoken on marketing topics and futurism in six countries and four continents and have taught at Berkeley and Stanford. He’s one of the most creative, problem-solving persons you’ve ever encountered.

How can Dan Janal help you transform your business?

Dan’s Newest Book: Internet Marketing Confidential

There are a lot of con artists who have stolen – yes, stolen – hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars from authors, coaches and consultants.

They thought they were galloping along the Information Superhighway, but got run over instead.

In this tell-all book, you’ll learn to protect yourself from the lies, half-truths, misconceptions and downright scams.