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See How Press Releases Grow Your Business

How To Send Your Press Release In A Few Easy Steps


We Write Your Press Release For You

We interview you and write the release.

We optimize it to rank high in search engines so you get more visitors.

Then, you review and approve the release for distribution.

(Note: if you are a PR Pro and just need your press release distributed, check out our “Bronze” level service, below.)


We Distribute Your Press Release To The Media

All of our Guaranteed Press Releases go out over the famous PR Newswire.

It will be sent to over 30,000 reporters at more than 17,500 media organizations, including the top 100 daily newspapers, key magazines, TV and radio outlets and web-based media sites who specifically want to receive our press releases.


Your Press Release Appears On Google In 24 Hours (Or Less) So You Get More Website Traffic Right Away

In addition, your Guaranteed Press Release will be posted to at least 50 authority media websites so you can build your brand image fast.

Some of our clients appear on Google as quickly as one hour after we send the press release, so you see results fast!


We Send You A Comprehensive Success Report

This report will list all of the media websites where your Guaranteed Press Release has been posted.

It will include the name of the media outlet as well as the direct link to your press release on your website.

This way, you have the proof and can see for yourself, the websites and media outlets where your press release has appeared.

How Guaranteed Press Releases Help Build Your Business

81% of Americans get at least some of their news from online sources – websites, apps, or social platforms.

Rather than waiting to be “discovered” you can create your own news at any given time.

Your press release will stay online forever so new prospects can find you, years after your press release has run.

Local news media outlets use press releases to find feature stories, tips, advice, personality stories, and more.

Press releases help Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by creating high-quality, keyword-rich backlinks to your site.

Sending a press release allows you to insert your business and brand into trending topics on reporter news feeds.

How Guaranteed Press Releases Grow Your Business And Brand

Become The Trusted Authority In Your Market

You may have a thousand competitors who offer the same thing you do, or very similar. You can choose to be a “me-too” company, or you can take a bold step forward and stand out from the herd – right now.

How many of your competitors have been quoted, interviewed, and featured in places like Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Business Journals and more? If you serve a specific geographic area, a Guaranteed Press Release can help you beat your global-sized competitors in your local market!

Get More Customers (And Keep The Ones You Have)

Many studies show that people seeking a product or service make their decision from Page One of the first Google search they conduct. A Guaranteed Press Release puts you at the top of that search, and shows your new customer you are the sought-after market leader.

Similarly, your best customers are winners who pride themselves on working with the best. When they visit Google searching for other options, nothing will persuade them to stay like seeing your name come up #1 on all their searches. Nothing will keep them around like seeing videos of your media interviews.

Win Back Your Previous Customers – For Good

When’s the last time you’ve checked in with your previous customers? Are they aware of your new products, services, and offerings? Things changed that caused them to leave; things can change to bring your customers back.

Sending copies of your recent Guaranteed Press Releases to previous customers makes you stand out from the competition who are merely begging and pleading with apologies and discount coupons. Let your previous customers know the true value you deliver. It’s time for them to come home.

Sell More Books, Products, And Courses

Everyone who has launched a product, service, or book knows that success depends, in large part, on how much buzz you generate on Launch Day. A press release hitting hundreds of markets, and thousands of reporters seeing your release, is a great way to create that buzz.

Similarly, when people Google your name and see you featured in press releases on major media websites, and featured in news stories, they become much more likely to invest in you than in your competitor who doesn’t.

The Guaranteed Press Release Difference: Direct Support From Dan Janal

Claiming your Guaranteed Press Releases today means you’ll work DIRECTLY with Dan Janal or his press release distribution manager.

You won’t get that with any other press release writing, editing, and distribution company.

Dan is known for his pioneering work in helping literally thousands of small businesses, speakers, authors, coaches and consultants get publicity to help build their careers. He believes that publicity and marketing should be about getting results, and it shows: his clients have been featured in nearly every major newspaper and magazine.

In fact, USA Today called Dan Janal “a true cyberspace marketing pioneer” because he wrote one of the first books ever written about Internet marketing way back in 1994. He was on the marketing team that launched America Online (AOL).

Dan has lectured everywhere from Beijing to Budapest, as well as across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil. He’s taught at Berkeley and Stanford. He’s written and published eight books which have been translated into six languages.

Get Dan Janal’s 30+ years of publicity experience and results on your side and in your corner, today.

What Else Makes Guaranteed Press Releases Different?

Watch this short video, where Dan Janal reveals how an effective Guaranteed Press Release is like a great pizza:

These Business Leaders Win With Guaranteed Press Releases

Happy? Happy? I am deliriously happy with your press release service!

This is why I have been swamped! Radio interviews, speaking, follow up. I’ve needed to hire multiple interns just to help follow up with journalists’ emails and calls. Its all hands on deck. It worked!

So yes, I guess you could say I am happy!

David Mathison, Founder, Chief Digital Officer Summit -

Dan and I teamed up on a project. His dedication to getting results, underscored by his creativity made my job so much easier. I was able to rely on him AND meet all my deadlines. When the results came in my client was thrilled.

Sharon Fenster, Fenster Communications -

Dan Janal helped me create an excellent press release to announce of my latest book. He was easy to work with and made some important suggestions to get the most from the release. The best part of it was how easy it was to do. Just a phone call and it was all taken care of. Thank you, Dan, for the great work that you do.

Shep Hyken, Author of “The Amazement Revolution” -

If you google “HusbandMotivator™” there are now over 46,000 references to it. Your press release and the one I sent out and the followup I did with Canadian media got me 15 radio interviews, 1 TV interview done via Skype from London to British Columbia – and the sales are starting to come in! One site even did a whole video on the app and how it works.

Shellie Rose Charvet, Expert on Influencing & Persuasion -

I found the report a few minutes ago and we have been celebrating! We are thrilled with the top Google ranking and the amount and caliber of sites that printed it! We are singing your praises over here. Thank you Dan!

David Horsager, Author and Keynote Speaker -

Dan Janal’s Guaranteed Press Release service is a superb resource for getting your message out to the media quickly, in a way that is search engine friendly. Dan is a true expert and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Sam Richter, Sales Intelligence Thought Leader -

You Also Get Two Pictures With Your Press Releases (Included)

As you make your decision to invest in your Guaranteed Press Release, many of our most successful press release customers add pictures to their press release.

Watch this short video that explains how this could make your press release even more visible on Google, media websites, and reporters’ news feeds:

Studies have shown that adding pictures to press releases, webpages, and documents will capture your reader’s attention and increase the chance they will call YOU (not your competitor) after reading your press release.

Acceptable pictures include your company logo, head shots of executives and pictures you take. (Note: stock photos purchased from stock photo companies will NOT be accepted.)

Three Convenient Options To Get You Started Now

Bronze Level

  • You write the press release and submit it
  • We review the release for style
  • We distribute the release to media sites and reporters
  • We send you a report on where your release is published

Silver Level (Most Popular)

  • We write the press release based on a questionnaire you fill out
  • You review and edit the press release
  • We optimize the release to rank high in search engines so you get more visitors
  • We distribute the release to media sites and reporters
  • We send you a report on where your release is published

Gold Level

  • Everything included in the Silver level, PLUS
  • Dan Janal interviews you for the press release we write for you
  • Service is backed by an industry expert recognized by USA Today as “a true Internet pioneer”