Congratulations On Your Investment! (Bronze Plus Consult Level)

Congratulations On Your Investment! (Bronze Plus Consult Level)2018-09-11T22:40:13+00:00

Your registration for our Guaranteed Press Release Service (Bronze Plus Consult Level) has been successfully received, and it’s time to get started!

Step One: Send Us Your Release, If It’s Ready (and pictures if added them on)

E-mail to I’ll reply to confirm I received it and we’ll go from there.

If you don’t have your release yet, that’s okay too.  Just be sure to do

Step Two: Schedule Our Consult Now

We’re ready when you are.

Click here to schedule your BONUS 1-On-1 Consult with me where we’ll discuss what a Guaranteed Press Release can do for you and go over your ideas for what you’ll be writing in your press release.

Once you book the call, we’ll go from there.

Do it right now so we keep things moving quickly.

I look forward to our work together!

All the best,


Dan Janal
Founder, Guaranteed Press Releases

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